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  • How the Green Employment Channel works
    Self employment builds individual integrity and connectivity. This provides cohesion for community. By creating a solid local economy we provide a solid foundation upon which our failing global economy can redesign and rebuild.
  • Home Made Wind Turbine
    Build your own wind generator. Anyone could build this, very affordable very efficient. Built by the students of the Maharishi University of Management. This system provides a marvelous opportunity for self employment. Alternative energy can be created by individuals. In these times of massive job losses ideas like these could pay your mortgage. Many thanks to David Karave - Videographer,
  • Community collective empowerment
    Forming a Co-Operative Working together as a community we can create and self fund many kinds of cottage industries. Collectively we have funds, skills and time. Monetary debt is one of the biggest downfalls for small industries, we do not necessarily have to go down that road.
  • What's Love Got To Do With It?
    Love has every thing to do with everything. Where our attention goes energy follows. We create with our thoughts, our words and our actions. Think love, feel love, be love.
  • How to Build a vibrant community
    Supposing that the members of a local community wanted their community to cohere, to flourish, and to last, they would: (1 ...
    by SCOT SWORDY Today began as usual with coffee, while the coffee water boils I rinse my sprouts. This is my morning routine ...
  • Localization
    by Scot Swordy We see so much in the news these days about the crashing economy and the impending recession. The cost of liv ...

Defined, love disappears. Quantified, it diminishes. A force beyond structure and concept, love needs no explanation, even while it begs for understanding. The Love channel explores the power, paradox and potential of love in relation to the human spirit, community and the evolution of humanity.
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Building Economic localization from the ground up. Designed to inspire and educate, this channel contains a vast array of successful green employment opportunities. Dedicated to creating a sound foundation of localized economy and of wholesome community.
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Moving beyond the doom and gloom scenarios. Being so much more than sustainable. Reinventing activism. Creating solutions for vibrant lifestyle.
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Raw live green and lean We are what we eat, so when we eat live foods we truly come alive! Join us on this nutritional adventure to superb health and well being.
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Introducing our newest playground. A free flowing platform for music, poetry, paint, prose and so much more.
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