How Does Medical Marijuana Help With Pain Management

When we search for ways to treat the instances of pain, whether it be related to muscles, joints or internal, prescription medicines tend to become the first choice generally. These form part of the traditional methods, such as the use of medicines like opioids. However, with the passing of tie and favorable results, medical marijuana has come to the fore. It has fast become an effective alternative for patients to turn to. Due to its relieving properties, marijuana can help with issues including chronic pain, nerve damage, and inflammation.

The reason why marijuana proves to be efficient for pain management is that it consists of compounds called cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrochloride (THC). These are amongst the most efficient cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant.

Medical Marijuana

Efficiency of THC

Due to its ability to alter the state of mind, the use of THC is popular amongst recreational users. However, it is equally good for the treatment of a number of diseases.


When it comes to the benefits of THC, it enables the stimulation of the brain’s cannabinoid receptors on inhalation and ingestion. Since this activates the reward system of the brain, the incidence of pain decreases. Besides, THC has the capability to bind itself to the cannabinoid receptors and hence produce a high, also known as an elevated sense of mind. This enables the body to feel a reduction in pain due to the production of feel-good hormones.


THC also contains high anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, thereby enabling the patients to tackle ailments like arthritis, pain caused by cancer, and inflammation. According to a study, those suffering from pain related to spasms and multiple sclerosis can also take the recourse of THC.

Productivity of CBD

Being fundamentally different from THC, CBD does not facilitate the body to achieve a high. Thus, this is the cannabinoid that provides the body with an umpteen number of medical benefits without causing the elevation of the mind. To get the best quality CBD oil, refer to various online dispensaries and medical marijuana dispensaries near you.

Productivity of CBD


CBD is a powerful source of antioxidant, which empowers the immune system of the body. This ability supports the patient in his quest for tackling the incidence of pain efficiently. Studies also recognize CBD as a means to suppress pain receptors due to its analgesic properties.


However, what makes CBD stand out from the other cannabinoids is its wide-ranging functions. Apart from directly weeding out the pain from the body, it also helps in coping with side-effects of pain. These include depression, anxiety, vomiting, and nausea. As per the findings of a research conducted in 2012 by the Journal Of Experimental Medicine, the consumption of CBD helps fight against neuropathic pain and chronic pain diligently.

Interactions between CBD and THC

You do not have to choose one amongst the two available options here. Thus, it is actually advisable to use the benefits arising from both the compounds simultaneously. The most effective treatments for addressing the agony include the introduction of both CBD and THC.

Just keep in the mind that the THC can alter the mind on high usage.


Hence, the consumption of these compound should be done in the right qualities for the maximum results. You can choose the quantity for buying marijuana according to the laws of your particular state and the consultation with your doctor.

Lowers Cancer Pain

Cancer is a disease characterized by an uncontrollable growth of cells in an organ of the body. It can bring along pain not only to the particular organ but also the entire organ. A research from 2016 says marijuana use facilitates 64 percent reduction in opioid use, lowers the side-effects due to the usage of medicines, and improves the quality of life overall. Since the use of marijuana helps in the prevention of the usage of medicines, it provides a natural and effective way to deal with pain related to cancer.



One more study brought forward the ability of marijuana in dealing with pain related to cancer. Out of the subjects counting up to 17,000, about 70% felt improvement in their agony over a period of time with the continued use of marijuana. Hence, it provides a way for the patients to tackle the problem without causing major side-effects to the body.

Best strains for combating chronic pain

The most commonly known strains of marijuana that can help treat pain are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica strains. Strains like allen wrench, black diamond, blueberry kush, etc have been the most popular ones among the pain sufferers. As far as the purpose of pain management, attaining sound sleep, and sedation goes, the use of indica strain serves the best purpose. The sativa strain is good for increasing the energy levels, regulating the mood, and reducing anxiety.


A study was held by the Journal for Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2014 in relation to pain alleviation. It found that indica strain can be highly productive in lowering the pain amongst the patients in the cases of non-migraine headache, spasticity, joint pain, and neuropathy.


Similarly, you can also resort to the use of sativa strain for managing pain. An article points out that it is not only safe but offers the patients an alternative to prescription medicines for pain reduction.


With the advent of feminized marijuana seeds, a lot of growers have found a way to grow marijuana without the male plant causing any ruin. Hence, you can even grow your plants at home with ease and slight supervision.

This article showcases how imperative medical marijuana can be for the treatment of a variety of pain. Therefore, we must shed our inhibitions about its use and embrace it in our lives for a healthy living.






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